Angel Acosta Leon

Angel Acosta Leon (1932 – 1964) Cuban

Angel Acosta Leon, born in barrio Marianao, La Ceiba, Habana, 1932, died in December, 1964. In 1950 join the San Alejandro Academy, by that stage start working in the omnibus station, route 58, when it begins cleaning the patios and omnibus. In 1956 it finishes its formal studies of culture in San Alejandro.

In 1959, the year of the revolution is the year in Which Acosta Leon occurs to know widely, its painting “Family in the window” that indicates the rupture with academy, it is awarded in the annual hall.

1960, presents its new technique in a personal exhibition in the palace beatiful arts, Angel Acosta it incorporates to its painting elements of the Cuban reality like, coffee pots, tractors, cars, canes, palms, etc.

1962, create its “Colombinas” series and toys that include some of their most impressive works, in 1963 travel to europe, exhibits in the Galleries Charpentier (Paris). D’Eendt (Amsterdam).Maya (Bruselas). Sehiedam (Rotterdam) with Matta, Taguy and Antes.

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