Alfredo Sosabravo

Alfredo Sosabravo( (1930) Cuban

Alfredo Sosabravo was born October 25, 1930 in Sagua la Grande, Cuba. He studies in the Annexed School to the Academy of Beautiful Arts of San Alejandro; but basically, its formation must to a sharp self-taught interest to it. It exposes, in personal samples, from 1958, when it presents/displays Oils and Drawings in the lobby of a theater room of Havana, also, exhibit accomplishments in important collective exhibitions, national as much international. Two years later, begins in the engraving, discipline that, along with ceramics as of 1965 defines the ample passion of the artist. Painter, sketcher, engraver, ceramist, his constant eagerness of improvement and the rigorous developed work have turned, it into one of the artist most significant and integral of the country, while its reputation reaches international planes. Ambitious works of environmental character contribute to strengthen a prestige that also appears dice by an abundant work in the rank of the camera pieces. In 1997 received the national prize of plastic arts.

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