Angel Bello

Angel Bello (1930) Cuban

Angel Generoso Bello Romero, was born in Havana on July 17, 1930. In 1944 he began his studies at the School of Plastic Arts Annexed to the San Alejandro Academy, where he admitted two years later, it is the second course record in the specialty of Drawing-Painting. In 1959 he graduated in Sculpture. In this year began as a restorer in the workshops of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Cuba. In 1989 he was selected by UNESCO and the Culture Ministry to work on the conservation and restoration of the paintings in the Church of Santiago Apostol and the works that make up the Museum of Religious Art in Santiago de los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana. I participate in various group exhibitions, among which we mention Social Club Ceiba Marianao Biennial Exhibition 1954, Group exhibition of workers at the Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition 70 at the Palace of Fine Arts, National Exhibition and Young Creator Works Exhibition Workers in the CENCREM (Nacioanl Center for Conservation, Restoration and Museology) in Havana.

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