Antonio Rodriguez Morey

Antonio Rodriguez Morey (1874 – 1967) Cuban

Antonio Rodríguez Morey born in Spain 1874 died in La Habana, 1967.

He studied at San Alejandro School, where he later worked as a professor.
In 1891 he moved to Europe and continued his higher studies at the Professional School of Decorative Arts and at the Academy of Fine

Arts of Florence and the Free School of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.

He exhibited his works in several cities of Cuba, Italy and the United States of America; in Germany, Austria, France and Panama.
Rodríguez Morey was an outstanding landscape painter who interpreted with success the evening beauty of our countryside, and was a fruitful author of valuable works in this genre.

He obtained important prizes, among them: Silver Medal at the International Contest of Europe, 1899 and Gold Medals at the National Exhibition of La Habana, 1911, in San Francisco, 1915, and at the Iberian-American Exhibition of Seville, 1930; National Prize to the best landscape, La Habana, 1911 and Silver Medals at the exhibitions of Genoa, Rome, Goritzia.

He held important posts in different artistic and cultural institutions in Cuba and abroad, and from 1918 to 1967 he was director of the National Museum.

In addition to his artistic merits, he succeeded in saving from their total destruction on several occasions the artistic and historical patrimony made up by the funds of that institution.

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