Dolores (Loló) Soldevilla

Dolores (Loló) Soldevilla Nieto (1901 – 1971) Cuban

Lolo Soldevilla (Soldevilla Dolores Nieto, 1901-1971). Painter, sculptor, draftsman and printmaker Cuban. One of the most important representatives of the current abstract geometric and kinetic art.
Lolo Soldevilla began painting in 1948 and the following year she settled in Paris, where she studied sculpture at the Academy Grande Chaumiere. After its presentation in various group exhibitions sponsored by the University City of Paris, she returned to Cuba in 1950 and exhibited in the halls of Havana Lyceum his first personal exhibition: Lolo. Sculptures. Subsequently, it was in the School of Law at the University of Havana 20 oil paintings titled Lolo. She returned to France and by the middle of 1951 she entered the studio of abstract painters Dewasne and Pillet, with whom she worked for two years. Meanwhile, she attended a course teachers and Cochet Hayter etching techniques. The exchanges she had with representatives of the School of Paris defined, largely, the meaning of his work, to the point of causing a significant change in his creative process. She joined the Parisian avant-garde call and participated in their exhibitions. In 1953, the gallery hosted the pooled sample Arnaud Lolo / Varela, which was well received by the critics.Lolo Soldevilla is also remembered by her meritorious actions as promoter of Cuban art, both inside and outside the country.

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