Eduardo Morales

Eduardo Morales (1862 – 1938) Cuban

Eduardo Morales was born in Havana, in 1862, died in 1938. A considerable part of the Eduardo Morales’ scarce work is composed by landscapes of the Cuban countrysides. These artworks call the attention for the exquisite way of taking onto the canvases meticulous details that talk by themselves of his mastery at drawing. The carriages are a distinctive seal of his work, which he reproduced with sharp vision. He did some studies at San Alejandro Academy, but he interrupted them to participate in the struggle for the Cuban independence. Once the war was over, he entered into the National Police, and on his leisure time he used to paint. Later on, when he retired, he devoted himself to capture the charm of the Cuban landscapes. His work was included in the historical Exhibit 300 Años de Arte en Cuba (3 Hundred Years of Art in Cuba), in whose occasion the artwork Volanta (Cuban Four-wheel Carriage) was exposed. His painting Carretas (Carts), of 1912, was presented in the Exhibit Pinturas Espanolas y Cubanas del Siglo XIX (Cuban and Spanish Paintings of the 19th Century), in Salamanca, Spain (1999).

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