Jaime Valls

Jaime Valls (1883 – 1955) Cuban

Jaime Valls, Born in Tarragona, Spain 1883. Died Havana, 1955. Remarkable draftsman, He began his studies in Spain, dedicating to sculpture. He arrived to Cuba in the earliest years of the Republic. Here he began to be known trough the Poster Contest, held in 1903, where he won the first prize. The earliest Valls´drawings were published in El Fígaro magazine. Later he illustrated textbooks for Cuban Public Schools.

Armando Maribona, wrote about Valls: “follower of Landaluze in his studies of Cuban daily customs, adding them a fine touch of Cuban humorism, discoverer and revealer of total beauty of present-day and dynamic, venus, personal caricaturist and politician; worldly and fancy man… Along his successive studies he also began the taste for inside decoration based upon light colours plain lines on proposedly designed furniture.

Rodríguez Morey considers him the beginer of the artistic advertisement in Cuba and of the Afro-Cuban painting and of Cuban popular types.

Being ill, he retired from public life, until he died in Havana, in October 31st, 1955.

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