Julio Girona

Julio Girona (1914 – 2002) Cuban

Julio Girona born in 1914 died in 2002. Study sculpture in San Alejandro and soon obtained scholarships of study in France and the United States, where in World War II it decides to enter as voluntary in U.S Army, to participate in the fight against fascism. When finalizing the war and after leaving its connection to the sculpture by reasons for disease, it begins to paint in 1946 and it realizes his first abstract paintings between 1950 and 1951. Around these years enters the Art Student league of New York, where it remains until 1956. From then it is that it begins to exhibit in important museums and gallery’s of the United States and Europe, in personal exhibits and along with American abstract expressionism painters. Acquisition Prize his work Phantasmagoria in the 8th National Painting and Sculpture Exhibit, Palace of Fine Arts, Havana. Although it has developed its work outside Cuba. It was connected to the country in each significant event. In 1998 he received the national prize of plastic arts.

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