Mariano Rodriguez

Mariano Rodriguez (1912 – 1990) Cuban

Mariano Rodríguez Alvarez, born in 1912 died in 1990. In 1940, he founds the Espuela de Plata (Silver Spur) magazine, and in 1944, becomes a member on the editing comitee of Orígenes (Origins) magazine, directed by José Lezama Lima. He displayed an exposition that year, at New York Museum of Modern Art, and gets in touch directly with Cezanne, Matisse´s and other contemporary painters works. Ending that decade, his painting evolves to a more detached paintbrush dealing with a fauve tendency, and later on, he embraces cubism with his series Pescadores (Fishermen). Parallely, he starts decorating ceramics at Santiago de las Vegas Atelier, and creates the fresco mural El Dolor Humano (The human pain) (1952) With the same geometrical language he paints Gallo Amarillo (Yellow rooster), being awarded with the National Prize from the VIII Paintings and Sculptures Salon in 1956. A new period initiates in 1967 –even though the roosters are always present in his work- exposing Frutas y Realidad (Fruits and reality) at the National Museum, Palace of Fine Arts (1971), and in 1980, displays at the same place some of his work from the series titled Masas (Masses). He´s named at that time, President of Casa de Las Américas. In 1986, some pieces of his last series Fiesta del Amor (Love Fest), are exhibited at Havana Gallery, including painting, drawing, vitral and ceramics.

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