Mirta Cerra Herrera

Mirta Cerra Herrera (1904 – 1986) Cuban

Mirta Cerra Herrera was born in Bejucal, Havana April 1904, died in Havana september 1986. Plastic artist who develops “cubanismo” and naturalism tendencies. Her work was strongly influenced from Amelia Pelaez. Her creation is totally free and has been shown when she states: “I paint what I want” and always counseled young people: “paint what you want to paint.”
She studied from 1928 to 1934 at San Alejandro Academy in Havana, Cuba, and from 1935 to 1936 at the Art Students League of New York, United States.
Her works are in collections in different parts of the world, highlighting in the National Museum of Fine Arts collection in Havana, Cuba, and the Museum of Arts and Science, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States.

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