Rafael Soriano

Rafael Soriano (1920 -) Cuban

Rafael Soriano (b. 1920, Cidras, Matanzas, Cuba) is one of the major Latin American artists of his Generation, and one of the premier painters of Cuba. Along with other third-generation modernists such as Agustín Cárdenas, Rolando López Dirube, Agustín Fernández and Antonia Eiriz, Soriano broke with regional and folklorical themes which dominated Cuban art from its emergence in the modern era I the mid-twenties. Soriano first mastered geometric abstraction as a style in the 1950’s, but by the late 1960’s had defined his signature approach to painting. His work embodies a style best described as Oneiric Luminism by which Soriano combines a purely abstract form of light, form space and shadow with an interest in poetic and metaphysical impulses that drive our unconscious minds. His works evoke depth without recourse to traditional modes of perspectives, and they employ light and darkness independently of how their effects are perceived in the physical world. His images seek to embody the fluid metamorphosing energy of the imagination. An incomparable master of oil on canvas and the author of Latin America’s most singular and original bodies of work in painting and drawing, Soriano has lived in Miami since the 1960’s. He has exhibited widely throughout the hemisphere and in Europe, is included in myriad museum collections, and he is the subject of a major monograph, Rafael Soriano: The Poetics of Light written by Pau-Llosa (Miami: Ediciones Habana Vieja, 1998).

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