Roberto Fabelo

Roberto Fabelo (1950) Cuban

Roberto Fabelo Perez, born in Camaguey, Cuba in 1950. Painter,Member of National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP). Graduated the National School of Art in 1972 and the Superior Institute of Art in 1981. Along many years, he served as teacher, approaching different levels of artistic education in Cuba. He has illustrated literary works from such notable authors as Gabriel García Márquez, integrating numerous national and international juries.
He has received multiple accolades due to his ample artistic labor, highlighting the Medal for the National Culture conferred by State Council of the Cuban Republic and Alejo Carpentier Medal. Other remarkable prizes are worthy to mention, such as, in 1984, Armando Riverón International Prize of Drawing at I Biennial of Havana, Cuba; Drawing Prize INTERGRAPHIK-84, Germany; Drawing Prize at IX Drawing Exhibition of Rijera in Yugoslavia. In 1989, First Prize of Illustration and Second Prize in Cover, VII National Contest, ”Art of the Book” for illustrations of Chichiricú del Charco de la Jícara. Cuban Institute of Book, Havana, Cuba.

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